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Bash + Bubbly Events | Our Beginning

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

We finally did it! After years (decades even) of saying we should open a formal event planning business, Bash + Bubbly Events and Consulting is finally open for business! We could not be more excited to be work together to create and execute each event! How did we form, you ask? Well, we are lifelong best friends (seriously, since kindergarten) who have a passion for creating and designing events to celebrate all of life's best days. Getting this business off the ground formally has been no joke, but a learning process that we are proud of. We are just young enough to know how to use electronics and social media, but also just BARELY old enough to have to ask our younger relatives what an SEO is, how to build a website, and how hashtags work for marketing. We are trying our hand at blogging as well, so hopefully you'll learn ideas along with us, get some inspiration, or just get a good laugh as you read about our new journey! Thank you all for supporting us and taking the time to read our very first blog post!


Lori + Scott | Bash + Bubbly Events

Very true saying at our first bridal expo...weddings can be stressful!

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