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DIY Decor: Our Favorites From Our Couples

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

We LOVE seeing the creativity of our couples when it comes to DIY decor! Every wedding we have coordinated has incorporated DIY elements, whether it be just a select few items, or a majority of the overall decor. Seeing the creativeness of the vendors and our couples has always been our favorite part of working in the event planning industry. We've picked out a few of our favorite DIY's that our couples created from this summer wedding season, and hopefully it gives you a bit of inspiration for your next celebration, holiday, or party!

Outdoor aisle arrangements

With such a beautiful mountain backdrop, this bride wanted to keep it very simple in regards to colors and decor. These plant hooks were made out of rebar and spray painted black (although you can cheat a bit by purchasing shepard's hooks from any gardening center). She then used mason jars and twisted green floral wire around the mouth of the jar to create a "handle" to hang the jar, and tied a simple twine knot around the top of the jar to hide the green wire. She purchased a mixture of random white flowers, baby's breath, and greens from the local supermarket and filled the jars. These were also transported indoors to decorate cocktail hour, the bar, and the buffet table!

Photos: Brooke Heather Photographer

These table centerpieces are one of our favorite DIY's. This couple worked on these together and they turned out to fit in perfectly with the rustic location! They simply cut 4x4 blocks of wood to 12 inches in length and sanded them smooth. They stained each block a medium color to bring out the wood grain, and then painted their initials and wedding date on both sides of the block with metallic paint and a stencil. They ordered test tubes off the internet in bulk, and drilled six 3/4 inch holes in the top with a spade drill bit for the tubes to fit into. Finally, they had their florist create small, simple arrangements with greens and white flowers in each tube. These were gorgeous and perfect for the long, rectangle tables. The best part? The couple asked that the guests take them home to reuse. Guests could simply sand out the stencil, re-stain that area, and change out the flowers to match the season!

Photo: Cassie Rosch Photography

Geometric Wall Decor

Geometric shapes are in right now, and this bride nailed it. These served as a great backdrop behind their sweetheart table to decorate the brick accent wall. She spray painted various sized hoops (you can use hula hoops, foam floral hoops, or even cross-stitch hoops) a metallic gold and wrapped them in battery powered LED twinkle lights. For an added touch, she hot glued silk floral to the edge of each and hung them with clear string and removable hooks. These were not only beautiful for dinner, but served as ambient lighting for the dance party that ensued.

Photo: Theresa Bridget Photography

DIY Calligraphy

This bride really blew us away with her beautiful calligraphy. She not only did this bar menu sign, but she did all her own place cards, seating chart, and other decorative signage in calligraphy! If you want to do this for your next event, there are classes you can take to learn (think your local big box craft store), or calligraphy books you can buy. There are also a plethora of tutorials and DIY hacks on Pinterest for those of us who might struggle with drawing a straight line.

Photos: Mackenzie at Yellow Paddle Photography

We hope these DIY's inspire you to create some of your own decor items for your next event. They add a personal touch and help add the little details that make your day perfect!


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