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Every Tiny Detail

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Part of what makes us good at what we do, is the desire to learn, grow, and evaluate each event we do for ways to improve. We expect the unexpected at each event, but part of our job is to mitigate any surprises or problems, and come prepared. We often discuss our "take-aways" from each event in order to better serve future clients. As planners, one aspect of our job is time management. In fact, it's a significant part of our job. With several events (not just weddings) under our belts, we quickly realized that we needed to improve our communication with clients regarding knowing every tiny detail of what they need us to set up or display by the final meeting. While we always add in a buffer of time between setup and the event, we quickly found these unknown "tiny details" were eating up valuable time.

For example, at one of our first events, we were surprised last-minute when our clients handed us a box of 150 decorative pens that were to serve as favors to their guests. The problem? They had not taken them out of their wrappers and the clients needed us to do it. While we absolutely did this for them, it cut out a good chunk of time we had budgeted to getting the dinner tables set up with linens and decor items. It took away from us being able to check on our clients, check on vendor setup, and keep the timeline flowing. We pulled it off, on schedule, but it was close!

With a separate client, they ran out of time to group their name cards, so we happily helped by taking them the night before and sorting them by table number so the couple could enjoy their rehearsal dinner. We showed up to the venue ready to complete setup, but what the couple forgot, was that the name cards for 150 place settings had to be coded for the meal choice the guest RSVP'd with. The venue catering absolutely insisted this be done. Luckily, the bride had supplied us the RSVP list with meal choice, but we had to cut out over an hour of our planned set up time to color code each name with their meal choice! We were happy to help, but this put us down to the wire to be 100% ready to go at the planned start time. Thankfully there are two of us at each event, so we were able to split up. One finished setup and one got the event started on time. Talk about stress!

While quick thinking and last-minute problem solving is something we are good at, and tasked with for each event, get the most out of your planner or coordinator by divulging everything during your meetings. During the final consult, bring pictures of all the items you plan on displaying or using for every aspect of the event. This includes any name cards, favors, gift table items, photo booth props, programs, candles, or decor items to assemble. Planners budget time based on this information, and something seemingly small may turn out to take more time that expected. Most last-minute changes are easy to add, but super last-minute (like an hour before go time), may hinder the ability to get everything done exactly the way you planned.

We love happy clients regardless of any obstacles we may go through to get it perfect. Seeing you have fun without worry is a joy to us. By sharing every tiny detail with your planner/coordinator, you will enable them to carry out your vision perfectly!


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